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Solar panels

Solar panels and renewables in Walsall

J R Electrical Solutions LTD can install a full solar system from panels down to the storage batteries. Solar power is a great green energy that provides not only great benefits to you but also to the environment, which gets more and more important each year.

Call our friendly team today to discuss your needs and to arrange a site visit for a quote on your own solar-powered system.

We install in Walsall and all surrounding areas.

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Solar panel system installed

Solar power installation

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Solar power is a great clean energy that is not only great for the environment but also offers a whole host of benefits including:


Can reduce energy bills by up to 80%.

Reduce the impact on the environment.

Easy and fast to install.
Create and store your own power in a battery system.
Self-cleaning solar panels.
Saves 0.514 kg of co2 emitted.
Improve value on your property.
Very little maintenance.

Having your electric vehicle charging point at home gives you a wide range of benefits including:

Convenient - being able to charge your vehicle fully at a time and place that suits you with a guaranteed parking space.


Faster - home charging points offer faster charging than most public points.

Cheaper - it can also be more cost-effective to charge your vehicle to full battery at home than at public charging points.

We also offer 24-hour callouts and a full electrical service

EV Charging

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